Throwback Thursday in Prints


I found these printed pictures last week and it brought me back to the time when I had all the time in the world to do whatever I wanted. Now that I have a son and a life to sort out, my time is very limited. I wanted so much to get out there, travel, photograph people and life in general but I guess that dream has to wait for now.

This prints are taken with point and shoot cameras with uncalibrated laptop so some are too saturated and too bright. It’s funny that back then when I don’t have the “gear”, I have the time to shoot but now that I have a dslr, proper knowledge about photography, I can’t go out and just shoot. The irony of life.

(top left to down center) zoe’s styling firm, funshoot with kyrene, shooting nicole in high key, funshoot with honey
(left to right)client, b&w with greta which was exhibited for redslim08 manila, client
nicole in high key
nicole in high key
greta b&w
la greta b&w for redslim08 exhibit, manila

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