October Weekend


We went to eat at Bowties and Butter, formerly known as Little Miss Funnel Cake. I tasted the best cream toast topped with blueberries and vanilla icecream. Although I must admit, I am not a foodie, this little food trip made my tummy soul smile. I paired the toast with Coffee Viet something. I stayed awake for the rest of the night.

We then had beer at Daru which is a country styled cafe with live band. We got kinda bored because they play really old songs. This place though is like a secret gem of the city. Oldies will surely enjoy their time.


5 thoughts on “October Weekend

    • Whoops, sorry. I just read the tag haha. Sorry naman. And sayang, I’m very curious about that viet coffee thing


      • Haha! But I’m sure manila have lots of cafes like this. It’s very in right now. Perfect for bloggers and photographers.

        Thanks for dropping by!


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