Day 3. Black and White

b&w, day 3
b&w, day 3

I am finally convinced to shoot in RAW. I thought I knew all about b&w’s but boy was I wrong. As I go through the 30 day photography challenge, I really want to get in depth every one of them. I just rolled my eyes when I saw today’s challenge which is a b&w. I researched about how and when to use it thinking it’s just gonna be easy as it looks. Black and white photography is in fact, more than what we see. I did not realize this up until now. B&w truly brings out shape and texture in a photo. It feels more dramatic.

I was reading some tips on b&w and they all say the same thing:shot in RAW. Honestly, I don’t get what RAW is. I thought it was just a really big copy of a picture. I further my readings about it because it sounds really vital. Now, I read about all there is and there’s only one thing left for me to do. To try it. I recalled accidentally setting my camera into RAW last month when I was documenting a gig. I used one of the photos and played around the sliders in Camera Raw plug-in in CS5. I was impressed, blown actually of the results. The overly darkened parts of the picture shows up, overexposed bits were recovered. Every detail was retrieved. I feel in love.

30 Day Photography Challenge
30 Day Photography Challenge

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