Day 1. Self Portrait

Self Portrait, Day1

It’s October! Christmas is just around the corner. Here in the Philipinnes, we put up our christmas decors as early as September. I can hear christmas carols everywhere. Did i just say christmas? Yup.

First day of October and day one for the 30 Day Photography Challenge which is a self portrait. I set it to monochrome to mute it out a little bit because if you know me, I don’t like to take selfies because I feel like I’m not photogenic enough. I decided to attach my Youngnou 460-II because well, I’m new to flash photography and i would like to use it more often to get to know it better. Here’s my camera setting for this picture: ss-1/200 f16 ISO-200 and lowest exposure for the flash.

I went to photoshop for some editing because I’m into cyan-ish color nowadays. The original picture is a little overexposed so I did a little adjustment. I love that the flash bounced off into the wood cabinet around my beannie. I think I will be a slave to flashes from now on. Slave, flash, haha!

Early merry christmas to everyone!

30 Day Photography Challenge
30 Day Photography Challenge

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