Throwback Thursday in Prints


I found these printed pictures last week and it brought me back to the time when I had all the time in the world to do whatever I wanted. Now that I have a son and a life to sort out, my time is very limited. I wanted so much to get out there, travel, photograph people and life in general but I guess that dream has to wait for now.

This prints are taken with point and shoot cameras with uncalibrated laptop so some are too saturated and too bright. It’s funny that back then when I don’t have the “gear”, I have the time to shoot but now that I have a dslr, proper knowledge about photography, I can’t go out and just shoot. The irony of life.

(top left to down center) zoe’s styling firm, funshoot with kyrene, shooting nicole in high key, funshoot with honey
(left to right)client, b&w with greta which was exhibited for redslim08 manila, client
nicole in high key
nicole in high key
greta b&w
la greta b&w for redslim08 exhibit, manila

Day 11. Landscape

landscape, day 11(went a little too far)
landscape, day 11(went a little too far)

I went a little bit too far with my landscape photo only because I find it hard to capture landscape. I see a scene and it is perfect but when I take a picture of it, I get disappointed and when I finish tweaking the camera setting, the perfect light is gone. The perfect moment is gone. I’m still learning a lot of stuff with this 30 day photography challenge and so far. I learned a lot already. I preset WB with this one and played around camera raw and tried selective coloring in cs5 which is a nice and handy tool. There’s this little voice in my head that’s whispering “that’s a little too far”, “too saturated”, “too bright”. I don’t care.

Here are some of photos I got on my two day landscape shooting. πŸ™‚


landscape1 landscape2

October Weekend


We went to eat at Bowties and Butter, formerly known as Little Miss Funnel Cake. I tasted the best cream toast topped with blueberries and vanilla icecream. Although I must admit, I am not a foodie, this little food trip made my tummy soul smile. I paired the toast with Coffee Viet something. I stayed awake for the rest of the night.

We then had beer at Daru which is a country styled cafe with live band. We got kinda bored because they play really old songs. This place though is like a secret gem of the city. Oldies will surely enjoy their time.

My Sister’s Birthday


We had Thai food last night for my sister’s birthday. She is the most awesome sister ever! Kind-hearted, family oriented and very loving. I look up to her all of my life.

The place is called Siam Krua Thai. This isΒ  also the same restaurant where she and her husband got married. They are big fans of thai food that her husband even asked to have a picture with the resto’s chef who is thai. Me on the other hand, loves to travel to Thailand(it has been my dream) but I still can’t appreciate the food because it’s all new to my taste buds.

Here are some photos that our little brother took because I was busy with the baby πŸ™‚

Day 6. Low Angle

low angle, day 6
low angle, day 6

I’m running a bit late on my 30 Day Photography Challenge. I just finished sewing some additional compartments for my camera bag which the boyfriend bought for me from a bazaar. It was a make-up bag but it has a solid structure. I’m a DIY kind of girl so i figured, I could really make it work and I did. I’m excited to use it!