Missing Sharjah/Dubai


I remember weekday mornings with you
Coffee and cigarettes in hand,
The smell of indian food so delicate in my nose.
Bangali, pakistani smiles so sweet.
I remember the scorching desert sun
Never burning but rather lingering in the skin.
The city lights touched my heart like the first romance.
The walks i had with you will always be like a dream and i long to experience you again.
Is it possible to fall in love with a place?


Birthday 2014


It was a sweet day, very well spent with friends and loved ones. No dramas whatsover. Now, I just want to cuddle with the sheets because I’m totally spent.
I wanna contemplate a little bit about how amazing it is to deliver new life into the world. I remember lying in the hospital table getting stitched and i asked the doctor why she chose to be a vaginal doctor and she said something like how magical it is to witness a new life comming out from another life. It truly is beautiful and magical. So, many thanks to my mom who endured unimaginable pain that women has to go through to give life.

The 30 Day Photography Challenge


Since I have taken my photography into hiatus for years, I have admittedly forgotten almost everything that when I finally got my hands on a DSLR, i set it into Auto which is frustratingly sad. Now, I am excited and to do this challenge to get back my knowledge and to learn new things. I have started to master the SS-Aperture relationship but still no expert from it but I’ll get better soon. Oh, the perks of being unemployed!

P.S. Got this one from Pinterest which is a pretty good source of boredom remedies. Thank you.

Pre-birthday Blues


So, today started out great because of a little surprise from my cousin who is working overseas. This afternoon on the otherhand is nothing but shit. No need for details because it all but shows my selfishness which makes today even more shittier. I am an optimistic person in nature but nothing will break me more than raging hormones mixed with post episodes of anxiety and a little pre-birthday blues.

Bob indeed made my mood a degree lighter than a few minutes ago.